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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Pierce, Thurston Target New Construction

Here's a pair of stories about local governments' plan to up fees and permit costs for new construction. In Thurston County it's "lot approval" while in Pierce County it's "traffic fees." Any way you cut it, it's more taxes. Says the Olympian about Thurston County:

And with $1.8 million in services the county can't afford to pay for in 2006, they’re eager to free up the $700,000 to spend on something else.
So, in spite of the fact that tax assessments are rising, and county revenue is bubbling over, they're still coming up $1.8 million short? Hmm. And in Tacoma:
The legislation, requested by the County Council and proposed by County Executive John Ladenburg, aims to reduce traffic congestion at key roads and intersections.

It would charge as much as $3,300 per new house – depending on the location – and raise about $189 million over 20 years to help widen roads and install traffic signals, among other improvements.
Because more people moving in apparently doesn't equal more people paying existing taxes that support roads and traffic improvements. We need more money for that.

(Jennifer Latson, The Olympian, 12.07.2005)
(Aaron Corvin, Tacoma News-Tribune, 12.07.2005)

1 comment:

biliruben said...

Damn straight we need more taxes. We don't even have enough taxes for maintaining our existing roads in this state, with an estimated $30 billion backlog in needed road projects.

If new housing projects require new or wider roads and other services, then full well expect those profiting off of those projects to pay for that infrastructure. Why would you expect anything else?