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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Foreclosures On The Rise In King County

I generally dislike giving any attention to self-advertisements (a.k.a. "press releases") on here, but I thought that a bit of info contained in this horn-tooting by Default Research was worth mentioning:

Foreclosures increased by 2.04 percent in January in King County, according to Default Research..."
2.04% might not be really a big enough number to be a sign of things to come, but it's at least worth a short post.

(PR News Release, PRNewswire, 02.08.2006)


waiting said...

Any increase in foreclosures is worth mentioning Tim.

What we are looking for is a trend.

Any increase (or decrease) shows the possible beginnings of a trend.

Please try not to second guess yourself so much!!

You have good gut instincts- go with them!

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone be forclosed on after a year of 17% appreciation?

You have to be in jail or drunk to miss the opportunity to sell and at least break even.