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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Seattle Bubbles Over, All the Way to Olympia

It would seem that Seattle's red-hot bubble-market is bleeding over into the less-populous portions of the Puget Sound region, even as far down as Olympia.

Every month, the median sales price of Thurston County homes sets a record. The record set in June was $228,500
Far lower than the insane average in King County, but still quite high for that area. Too high for people to reasonably afford a house, in fact.
The affordability index for first-time buyers in Thurston County is 84 percent. That indicates that buying a first-time home takes 84 percent of their income, which obviously makes it tough to purchase a home in a market where home prices are rising. First-time buyers are obviously at a disadvantage. However, there are various programs available to first-time buyers to purchase that home and give them assistance.
And how do people "afford" to do that? Interest-only and adjustable-rate loans, of course!

(The Olympian, 07.10.2005)

1 comment:

n va said...

so Seattle and Portland are still perky ?
give it time
you'll see lots of signs lingering in your hood- then the numbers will come out, takes a while