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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Juggernaut Plows Onward In Thurston County

October sales data is in for Thurston County, and prices just continue to soar, posting a 34 percent year-on-year gain:

The October median price of just under $250,000 is the latest in a series of consecutive monthly record highs.

The $249,900 figure was 34 percent higher than last year's $186,000, and was almost $14,000 more than the median sales figure reported in September.

In September 2005, the median sales price for a home in Thurston County was $236,290.

"We are still seeing a strong market," Wilkins said.
Strong, yes. Sustainable? I would be inclined to think not.

(Rolf Boone, The Olympian, 11.08.2005)


Ben Jones said...

I saw some Snohomish comments today that indicated inventory is up in some areas. The NW is the last to get the word.

meshugy said...

I watch Ballard very closely and am not seeing any signs of a slowdown yet. I keep a record of the asking price and final sale price of anything that comes up for sale West of the 15th and North of 65th. Just about everything around here goes in 1-2 weeks above asking price. Anything decent goes for well over $400K.

I've been watching since late winter/early Spring. Back then most of the houses in Ballard where asking below $400K but getting bid up $50-$70K over. What I've noticed is that now sellers are just asking for more up front so the final bids are only $5-20K higher then asking price.

There are a few a house down the street from me which is basicly a dump...they where asking $460k! They've now reduced it to $450...whoopeee! They need to take it down to about $350K. It's been sitting for 2 months now. But that's definitely an exception around here....