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Sunday, July 19, 1981

Wednesday Open Thread

This is your open thread for today. Please post random links and off-topic discussions here.


christiangustafson said...

I noticed on my walk to work that the windows in Vulcan's condo showroom building at Denny/Westlake are all papered up. A few weeks ago I noticed that the Vespa in the window (symbol of the fresh, young Whole Foods luxury condo lifestyle) disappeared. How can you sell condos without a Vespa?

So did they sell all of the condos and can now shut down the sales office? Or is something else up?

Of course it is my opinion that Paul Allen is going to take quite a bath on his Seattle Condo Village 2007 vision.

jcricket said...

So did they sell all of the condos and can now shut down the sales office? Or is something else up?

Each time they switch which building their using the sales showroom for, they close up shop on the previous one.

I seriously doubt Paul will be taking any kind of hit on the properties he has for sale (a significant percentage of which are actually office buildings farther down in SLU). Everyone's so convinced the buildings are great they're buying them up before they go up. What's far more likely is all those speculators taking a hit when they can't resell a year or two from now :-)

Christina said...

Fun toy: the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act Website!

FFIEC Census Reports for King County, Washington

To find a tract code for an address within King County, input the address elements in the FFIEC Geocoding System.

This is nifty. You can also input a lending institution and get reports on conventional home-purchase denials, nonoccupant loan denials, Refinancings by tract income, home improvements by tract income, loans sold by tract, and conventional refinanceing pricing info.