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Wednesday, September 02, 1981

Weekend Open Thread

This is your open thread for the weekend. Please post random links and off-topic discussions here.


Crashcadia said...

I have been tracking foreclosure and pre-foreclosure numbers in my zip code for a few years now. Earlier this year we got a new zip code and I noted that the pre-foreclosures were at 55. This year the number of pre-foreclosures crept up to 89. Then, overnight, the number of pre-foreclosures went to 49, but the number of foreclosure did not change.

I have been tracking these pre-foreclosures on “”
I did notice that only the pre-foreclosures that list a defendant by name are now shown. This may account in the sudden change in the listed pre-foreclosure numbers.

Does anyone else track pre-foreclosures?
If so, have you seen a similar change in how they are listed?

Anonymous said...

I stopped tracking foreclosures, pre foreclosures, price reductions and DOM last spring when it became clear that all were going up.

But I'd be interested in hearing what you come up with.

Peckhammer said...

The trouble with normal is that it only gets worse...

O.K., not my line, but it applies.

I bought my first house about 17 years ago, in another city, on another coast. It was normal for a house to be on the market for 90 days. It was normal for the buyer to bid $10K under the asking price. It was normal for inspection, and sales contingencies to be written into the P&S. And it was normal for the house to cost about the same as renting a similar property.

Forget bust... I am afraid that a return to "normal" will be a big shock to many people.

Anonymous said...

Fun w/ NWMLS press releases, go ahead and fill in...

"Higher inventory and sales slowdown indicate pending cooling, but higher prices continue to defy national trends. Local brokers not yet worried...looking for rebound and/or strengthening through 2007". So and so at such and such brokerage cites regional job gains and the fact that "people need to live somewhere"

December 6, 2006 ????????????

November 6, 2006 ????????????

October 6, 2006 ????????????

September 6, 2006 ????????????

August 7, 2006 Home Prices Still Rising in Western Washington, Defying National Trends

July 6, 2006 Housing Inventory Much Improved, Prices in Western Washington Still Rising

June 6, 2006 Northwest MLS Reports Growing Inventory, Rising Prices and Highest Sales Volume in 8 Months

May 5, 2006 NWMLS Reports Inventory Gains, Along with Price Increases

April 6, 2006 March Pending Home Sales Eclipse February Totals by 34 Percent

March 6, 2006 February Home Sales Lag Year Ago but Brokers Sense Rebound

February 7, 2006 2006 Housing Activity Starts Slower Than Year Ago, But Northwest MLS Brokers Not Worried

January 6, 2006 Northwest MLS Brokers Report 17 Percent Jump in Prices Despite Fewer Sales

Anonymous said...

Have been watching the reductions on this Montlake cutie for a while (formerly in the market when I thought $500-$600K could get you something decent). Nice, but still high (one lot down from busy 23rd). Almost 6 months on market! Unrealistic owner resides in Berkely, Califwhornia

Tax ID: 6788200300
2229 E Miller St, Seattle WA 98112

Listing #: 26029186

08/31/06 Cancelled $700,000 (Keep 'er going - drop by another third and I'll take a looksie!)
08/29/06 Active $700,000
06/13/06 Active $700,000
05/17/06 Active $750,000
05/17/06 Temp. Off Mrkt. $795,000
04/24/06 Temp. Off Mrkt. $795,000
03/28/06 Active $795,000
03/01/06 Active $850,000 (WTF?)

Anonymous said...

So, I did not notice any mention of the outlandish accounting errors of WaMu in todays newspaper.

Did I miss something or is the local media really not going to talk about this?