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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Our Town A to Z

Alki - What you will become after your home becomes a boat anchor

Belltown - Experience fine dining while warding off homeless and addicts

Capitol Hill - Enjoy wearing your fauxhawk while calling 9-11

Denny-ile - Denial over the negative appreciation in your recent downtown Seattle condo purchase

Eastside - Close to Microsoft. Location, Location, Location

Fremont - Hippies have been displaced by hipsters

Goldilocks - Seattle RE is not too hot or cold - it's just right!

House poor - A condition many Seattleites may find themselves facing in 2007.

Irrational District - Someone needs to open a pizza joint up in this mug and fast

Jobs - Becoming increasingly scarce in any field related to real estate and other sectors tied to consumer spending starting in 2007

Klondike Gold Rush Museum - History of yet another asset bubble

Lake Washington - It's great if you have the $2M entrance fee

Mudslides - Increasing property values since 1901

Neighborhoods - If you can afford them, Seattle has some nice ones

Occidental Park - see Belltown

Pike Place Market - Much ballyhooed place for bruised fish and pan handling

Queen Anne - In need of a 40% haircut

Renting - A wise alternative to buying in this market. Have a little patience and buy beautiful Queen Anne view homes for pennies on the dollar by 2009.

Sailboat - A great place to live after your house capsizes

Tooth & Nail - How you'll be fighting to make the payments on your 1960's boxy Ballard money pit

Unemployment - What goes up when consumer spending goes down as a result of the housing bust

Vulcan - A company that consistently makes wise investment decisions

Weather - A major draw for the "equity locusts" of California

XXX - A city so liberal it proposes ridiculous laws (4 foot rule)

Y - Why not buy a house today?

Zoning - New zoning laws will finally allow all those Vancouver-like condos to be built downtown, thus cementing our bubble-proof status .

A parody of this post.


RedHotLama said...

What happened to R?

synthetik said...

Oops... that's what happens when you double-dose on the Nyquil.

deeplennon said...

I think it's safe to say that whole post is what happens when you double-dose on Nyquil.

synthetik said...

Um, that was kind of my point in the parady of Ardell's fluffy post on RCG.

deeplennon said...

Yes, I saw the original post.

Concept, not bad! Execution.. not so much.

EconE said...

R...Rainier Beach..."we're gentrified now...we gots us a Starbucks"