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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Anecdotal Evidence

I don't know if actual inventory is going up in the greater Seattle area, but I do know that I have noticed more "for sale" signs cropping up in my neighborhood lately. Just for kicks, I decided to take two of the recent listings and keep an eye on them. For variety, I have selected a single family house and a condo, roughly a block away from each other. Here is the basic information on each of them:

Kenmore House

MLS#: 25111059
Parcel #: 0114100633
Address: 7015 NE 181st St, 98028
SqFt (house): 1,400
SqFt (land): 13,167 (0.3 acres)
Last Sold: pre 1991
Listed: ~3 weeks ago
Tax Assessed Value: $209,000
Asking Price: $350,000
Kenmore Condo
MLS#: 25126417
Parcel #: 8035550050
Address: 7218 NE 182nd St, 98028
SqFt (house): 1,473
SqFt (land): N/A
Last Sold: 08.11.2004
Listed: ~1 week ago
Tax Assessed Value: $207,000
Asking Price: $274,950
What I'll do is keep my eye on these two properties to see if they sell, how much they sell for, and how long they take to sell. I'll keep you updated in the coming weeks.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I recently moved out of a duplex when the landlord informed us the property was for sale. I was out within 20 days with the belief that the property would sell right away and the new owner would dramatically increase the rents. After 3 months the property is still for sale. It was taken off the market once and the 'For Sale' sign removed. I noticed it was back on the market about 1.5 months ago and reduced by $25K. Last week I check and the MLS # is no longer listed and the unit I lived in is still vacant.

Location: North Lynnwood
Asking price: $400000
Sq ft /unit: 850
1 car garage each side. 2bdrm 1 1/4bath