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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Would You Pay $200k for 500ft²?

Although this isn't a news item so much as it is a blatant advertisement (a.k.a. "press release"), I still found it to be another interesting sign of the times.

Called Mosler Lofts, the 12-story condominium project is located near downtown restaurants, shopping and attractions, and Seattle Center. The lofts will range in price from the mid $200,000s to $1+ million.
The condominiums will range in size from approximately 500 SF to 2,000 SF.
$200,000 for 500ft²... what a steal! But hey, you can't put a price on envy, right?
"This new development is truly an enviable location -- where New York meets Seattle."
Mosler Lofts, where Seattle wages pay New York prices!

(Business Wire, 09.06.2005)


Anonymous said...

Prices are not cheap that's for sure. Lumen is even higher. I did a review of both Lumen and Mosler here:


Anonymous said...

that's 250k w/o a parking spot at mosler and no view. If you want a view it's $300k+. People are paying 200k for less than 450ft in ballard.

In many new developments $400k will only get you an open one bedroom with less than 700sq ft.

All I can say is get used to it. Prices aren't gonna go down anytime soon.