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Friday, September 02, 2005

Thoughts On Posting

I'd like to take a few moments to share about the posting frequency here. Due to the very specific nature of the topic that I have chosen to dedicate this blog to, there is actually a rather limited supply of new information available at any given time that is worthy of posting. There are plenty of news stories every day about the housing bubble in general, and they are nearly all magnificently covered at The Housing Bubble 2 and other similar "bubble blogs" (linked on the right). Repeating and re-hashing topics that have been covered elsewhere is not something that I am interested in doing. In fact, before I started this blog I actually performed some internet searches to make sure that a similar blog did not already exist.

Rather than adding yet another voice to the discussion on the more general topics, as I have stated before, I intend to keep this blog's focus centered on the specific topic of "news and discussion about the real estate / housing bubble, specifically as it pertains to the Seattle area." As such, if there is no news about Seattle area real estate or housing on a given day, there probably won't be any posts (unless I think of a good discussion topic). Other days, there might be five or six posts. There will be busy surges and boring lulls. I expect it to be quite random, and I just wanted to make sure that anyone reading this doesn't come on a five-post day and expect it to be like that every day.


Anonymous said...

Fair enough, but you could comment on whether or not things like gas price rises will affect the market, from time to time.

Anonymous said...

Your comment feature has become a problem. Several times tried to post to yesterday's article, but it wouldn't allow me.

Van Housing Blogger said...

Hello Seattle!

I agree with your strategy - I think blogs work best with a tight focus. While there is room for some big general interest blogs, that space is limited. Much better to carve out your niche and stick to it.

Beyond that, we don't all have 5 hours a day to blog! I hope Ben finds a way to make some $$ out of the time he has invested in his site! Me, I'm in it for love, not money ;)

I stick mostly to Vancouver things, although I do like to post a few US, UK, and Aussie things now and then. Mostly because it gets the bulls all "But Vancouver is different than Sydney/London/San Diego." Nothing more fun than waving red flags in front of Bulls!

We'll be keeping an eye on you from the bubble up north!

Anonymous said...

Tim, it's your blog, but I would try to put up at least one article a day, but not a lot more than that. You want visitors to check in daily and find something new. There are blogs I now bypass, because they don't update frequently. I know it's a balance. Keep up the good work.

goleta said...

I just moved to Bellingham, WA, from Santa Barbara last week and am currently renting. I'll be traking the local whatcom county market and I hope either this Seattle or the Vancouver blog covers the Bellingham/Blaine market. When the cost to own a home drops to the rent level, I'll buy a home here.

marin_explorer said...

Mostly because it gets the bulls all "But Vancouver is different than Sydney/London/San Diego."

Yes--the same old argument why "our neighborhood is special" and will always hold value. Whether it's Marin, Santa Barbara, SF, Seattle, or Vancouver, it all sounds the same. Your "Blasts from the Past" series is fascinating, especially this latest installment. The similarity of outlook between and current events is uncanny.