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Thursday, October 05, 2006

WAMU to cut 140 at Lynnwood Loan Centers

The Everett Herald reports that Washington Mutual is cutting 140 processing jobs in Lynnwood (Home Loan Center I presume). Evidently the majority are in processing and the company expects to move some of the operation overseas.

"More reductions are possible," said Tim McGarry, vice president of corporate public relations. "It is true that there may be more in the future."


Crashcadia said...

Caught it on the evening news.
Not one mention on the news that it was a result of a slowdown in housing.
I think the outsourcing explanation is just smoke and mirrors, cuz we all know that the PNW is immune to a downturn in the housing industry.

Dukes said...

The little chickees are coming home to roost...