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Tuesday, January 12, 1982

01.12.2007 - Friday Open Thread

This is your open thread for Friday, January 12, 2007. Please post random links and off-topic discussions here.


Christina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Christina said...

Flashback from 2005:

Seattle P-I article: Hard work, hard times: A home -- and a dream -- lost

This family bought a Ballard home for three times their income in 2001. They weren't over their heads when they bought, and the County median house price quoted was $355,000.

I typoed on the median house price, so deleted my first comment. I know how important correct statistics are here.

Christina said...

Hard work, hard times: A Home -- and a dream -- lost

Anonymous said...

Wow... what an article. That's incredibly sad.

Merger Dog said...

Lesson 1: Don't have kids if you can't afford them.

Lesson 2: Rent instead of buy a home if you can't afford one.

They could talk about the American Dream all day long but with no education and no savings, a dream is just that. They were basically living in borrowed time.

Wanderer said...

So I was out with a couple friends last night and they introduced me to a cute single lass. She seems great... attractive, witty, challenging, in great shape. Seems like a great fit, so I'm pretty sure that I am goign to ask her to marry me. Then the subject of work comes up and she is... gulp... getting her RE license!!! I must have seemed rude that I didn't engage with interesting questions, but I couldn't see a good conversation coming from it. I don't think I would have looked all that attractive rolling my eyes if she said something like, "They're not making anymore land you know." Wha a terrible time to get into that industry. I may as well go sign on with a girl going to grad school in Ancient Extinct Languages. Picking up a potential spouse's educational debt is at least better than having a struggling REA wife and having to listen to pillow talk of getting priced out forever.

God has a pretty funny snese of humor with my love life.

T,V & Mr.B said...

So sorry to hear your woes, wanderer. It is funny though.
I was talking with my duaghter this afternoon who live in FL. and she said the local news is really tring toput a positive spin on the housing glut. She said that the news caster said that there are so many homes on the market right now, the market really outta be HOT, HOT, HOT in 2007. they must think that since buyers will have so many choices, they will go on a buying frenzy.

Wanderer said...

Great, my future REA wife will want to move to Florida to get in on the ground floor of a housing market with months of over-supply.

I HATE Florida.

Lake Hills Renter said...

What a heart-breaking article. I really feel for that family because they didn't do anything wrong. I know people that are part of the growing "working poor" class in this country, and it's a really hard way to live.

How did that ever get past Elizabeth Rhodes?