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Saturday, October 31, 1981

Tuesday Open Thread

This is your open thread for today. Please post random links and off-topic discussions here.


Alan said...

I put this article in my bookmarks a few months ago. It talks about long-term real estate price changes. And by long term, I mean 400 years.

From Dutch history, a real estate lesson

Lake Hills Renter said...

We always get the occassional RE flyer on the bulletin board at work, usually for an overpriced McMansion nearby. But one caught my eye today as I was getting coffee because it had a picture of an empty desert lot. Eastern Washington, maybe? Nope... Scottsdale! A local person is advertising for lots in Arizona. I wonder if an investor/speculator is tying to unload his property. Sign of the times, I suppose.

PugetHouse said...

From Dutch History, a Real Estate Lesson

The NYT wouldn't let me into alan's link, but I found what looks like a reprint on another channel.

Geon said...

Another New Listing stunner, with xmas lights. LOL.

Crashcadia said...

It looks like Centex Homes is walking away from yet another subdivision.

Project Linked to Big Offer Is Canceled


Centex drops plan for 10,000 homes

Centex is a builder in the Puget Sound area.
They start out buy offering large amounts of money per home to local governments. Then they opt for higher density development. This puts increased strain on local services, such as greater traffic and law enforcement requirements.

So, in the downturn of the REIC, we end up with more sprawl and higher density developments that require greater services from the local established communities.

Hopefully the small, established communities will hold off from providing the infrastructure until this crazy housing bubble passes. Otherwise they will end up providing roads, power lines, sewer, and other services to large empty tracks of land as the builders cancel and walk away from projects. Worse yet, they could end up providing infrastructure to large tracks of empty homes.

This is a real disaster in the making, as many communities have become reliant on the influx of money from builders.

I hope the down turn is quick and to the point. This will end up being better than a long drawn out decline that pulls additional capital down with it.

rentalbliss said...

Check this out, if they don't sell it for less why not raise the price in 2 weeks. No surprise it's an RE flipper.