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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Reporter attacked uncovering real estate fraud

A San Diego investigative reporter, John Mattes, is assaulted while investigating a story uncovering an "alleged" real estate fraud ring. Apparently, the ring leader was very pissed off that he was found out. The scam involved buying property with other peoples stolen identities. Check out the video and how the guy's wife (a real gem)also takes swipes at the reporter and cameraman.

You have got to see the video online at FoxNews. Look on the right side of the main page and click on the video "brutal beating." I imagine CNN or other news outlets are picking up this story as well.

I just saw the reporter interviewed on Foxnews at Bill O'Reilly's show. Don't you just love what real estate attracts?

UPDATE: Go to his actual station at San Diego's Fox6news where they have better coverage via the video.


Lake Hills Renter said...

He went from white collar crime to violent crime, and it's all on tape. He'll be going to "pound-me-in-the-ass" prison, where he deserves to be.

SeattleMoose said...

Wow....that was brutal. So let me get this straight. Foreigners are coming over here and running RE scams and they feel that THEY are the victims?!!

My blood started to boil watching this...had to suppress the urge to go rent some Charles Bronson videos or buy a punching bag. I even wished for a moment this happened in Texas and...deep breath.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. With increase in falling values you are gonna see more people behaving badly as they lose their cools and do stupid things.

Luckily these two slimeballs were caught on tape. Not even Johnny Cochran could help them...

Anonymous said...

Insanity. What did my anonymous ass just post a couple days ago about foreigners? Not pc I know, but I'll tell you - they're out there in droves and their rules are all different. Anybody gonna talk about it or are we still sugarcoating everything these days, especially in into immigration

S Crow said...

I wonder how many other "undercover" investigations are going on, per se.

One of the interesting things about owning an escrow company is that, not withstanding an escrow company being a fraud/money launderer itself, you put into place some "firewalls" to protect from being unknowingly involved in scams or fraud.

One of the ways we combat fraud at Legacy Escrow Service, Inc. is to try to sign every client ourselves and not hire an outside notary. That way we keep potential crooked Public Notary's from infiltrating the deal.

The things people say to escrow agents (thinking we have no fiduciary duty to anyone being a neutral party is far from the case) and the places we go can lead to many thoughts of "hmmmmm."

For example, we had one nut actually ask us how quickly they could receive the proceeds check so they could kick back a portion to the seller (arranged outside of the deal) ASAP. A big no-no.

Many of the scams involve the borrower or even a straw borrower(ID theft), the appraiser and the closing agent including an outside Notary.

Investigating loan and real estate fraud is very high on my list of things to do if we leave escrow.

Anonymous said...

seriously, why are you watching FOX news? everyone knows it's just a pulpit for Bush

emcityjill said...

Oh my god! Insane! There are two videos on the first Fox website, one which depicts the footage of the beating, the other an interview of the beaten journalist by a fellow reporter. Anybody else catch the bit where Mattes informs his interviewer that Sam Suleiman and his wife had also threatened an architect with broken legs and raping his wife? Gawd, I really hope these two don't jump bail and flee the country.

Anonymous said...

There should be a TON of work in loan/RE fraud in the coming years.

Lord, just the people who claimed "primary residence " on 3 or more homes and lied about income on No Doc loans should keep a person busy for a good long while.

Eleua said...

anon 723,

I'd LOVE to talk about immigration. If The Tim doesn't want it here (and I would imagine he doesn't), we could go to one of my other blogs. Taboo Topic, or The WTF? Files.

As you will find out, I really would welcome non-PC talk on just about any topic. Immigration is a particular hobby-horse of mine.

dash_point said...

Luckily these two slimeballs were caught on tape.

And they knew the camera was running. LOL. I dare these two to represent themselves in court. I hope the reporter pursues a civil case as well.

Anonymous said...

seriously, why are you watching FOX news? everyone knows it's just a pulpit for Bush

Probably two words: Hot babes! Fox Rocks.

Lake Hills Renter said...

Fox News? Pish. No hotter babe on TV than Rebecca Stevenson. Only reason I get my weather from NWCN. =)

Eleua said...

Rudi Bakhtiar.

Anonymous said...

An older but good story, does anybody know how this one turned out?

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Corrected link for the above comment: Try this link

Anonymous said...

King-5 Story:

"Almussa is a one time a successful businessman who won all sorts of sales-awards for appearing to be a top-notch mortgage broker was indicted on six counts of wire fraud and conspiracy."

Mortgage schmortage - these morons are still all over the place

Anonymous said...

Diversity is about to become chaos. Letting in mexicans was a big mistake.
moderate legal immigration is good - ellis island style. but letting people jump the border at night and letting them stay here is a mistake. The consequences will be deadly for some.
Who is supposed to protect the american people? Who has the duty of garding the border and sets policies on border control? When U.S. citzens want to patrol their own border to protect themselves is calling them vigilantes and discouraging them very patriotic?
Is this treason?